HI-LINK HLK-PM01 AC-DC Mini Power Supply Module 220V to 5V Mini Isolateded Power Supply Module Power Transmission

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Environmental conditions:The name of the project:Technical indicators:Single bit;Working temperature: - 20-60 +degree;Storage temperature: + 80-40 -degree;Relative humidity: 5-95.%
The cooling way: Natural cooling;The atmospheric pressure: 80-106Kpa;The altitude :2000M or less;Vibration coefficient of 10 ~ 500 hz, 2 g10min. / 1 cycle, 60 min. Each along the X, Y, Z axes
The electrical characteristics:1. The input features (test) at room temperature:The name of the project:The rated input voltage:100-100.VAc;The input voltage range:90-90.VAc;Maximum input current:0.2 or less;Input surge current;10 or less;Maximum input voltage:270 or less VAc;Input slow start: 50 or less MS
Efficiency of low input voltage: Vin = 110 vac, output with 69 or more %;High input voltage: Vin = 220 vac, output with 70 or more %;Long-term reliability:MTBF 100000 or more H;No load rated output voltage: + 5 + / - 0.1 VDc;Full rated output voltage: + 5 + / - 0.2 VDc A;short time maximum output current: P 1000 ma;The maximum output current for a long time: P 600 ma
Voltage regulation: + / - 0.2 %;Load regulation: + / - 0.5 %;The output ripple and noise: (mVp - p) 50 or less;The rated input voltage and output load.With 20 MHZ bandwidth oscilloscope,Load and 10 uF and 0.1 uF capacitance test. The MV;Switch machine overshoot;(rated input voltage, output and 10% load) 5 or less % VO;Output over-current protection
Output the maximum load of 150-200%
Output short circuit protection
Directly to the output of the normal short circuit, short circuit automatically resume normal work after removal
colour: black
Material: ABS
size: 34*20*15MM
Package Contents:
2*Power Supply Module
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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