Caretex 70x140, 100% Cotton, Antiallergic FullCare Baby Sleeping Set

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Caretex FullCare Premium 100% Cotton, Antiallergic, Liquid Proof Baby Sleeping Set 070X140; It is very useful for people with house dust mite allergy and allergic asthma.; It can be used as a duvet cover set; Anti-Allergic Pillow Covers provide an excellent protection against bacteria and dust mites that cause allergies, creating an ideal sleeping environment for you and your loved ones. It prevents sweating thanks to its moisture and vapor permeability. Natural cotton threads provide you with an ideal environment for a comfortable and healthy sleep.; Dimensions of the set: Mattress Cover: 60 X 120 cm - Pillow Cover: 35 X 45 cm - Duvet Cover: 100 X 135 cm.; Caretex has the Oeko - Tex 100 Standard Class 1 , which has been developed to meet the need for healthy textile products free of substances that may harm human health, and which is accepted as an authority in the textile industry; Clariant - Sanitized has successfully passed 100% antiMite - dust mite proof tests;